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The Ascension Series


Impervious is a unique story with a twist of dystopia and a breath of fresh air.

C. Collier, "The Cheesey Chicken"




Heather Letto is a flawless writer, and I'm so happy to have read this. Fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent will simply adore Impervious. It's a gritty dystopian with a heroine that you can't help but cheer for

Kristin, "Pretty Little Pages"





If you love a good dystopian book then you are going to fall in love with both Impervious & Implanted.

~Nancy Allen - 'The Avid Reader'


Holy cheese on a cracker!
Everything I missed in Book One was made up for in Book Two. This... This is 100% a 5 star read!

This is my first dystopian read outside of The Hunger Games. I think this one is WAY better!."

April Adams, Author of "Shattered"

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