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Howdy from the Beach!

Fun fact: Vanna White is from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Hey... Me too!

Okay, in all fairness, I've only been a Myrtle Beach-ian since November 1.

And, seriously, when January rounds the corner...

We're off to Florida!

You see, since the last time we spoke (which, admittedly, has been far too long), hubby and I have taken to the road (again).




Call us what you will... really, though, we're Just a couple of humble trailer folk living in a mobile... She-shed. <3




... we've actually been at it for almost two years already.


Eek.. sorry for making you feel like a misplaced mother-in-law.

Ahem...well, we've made a full circle 'round the good ol' US of A, wrangling bison, hugging black bears, fondling star-fish, dodging scorpions, chewing on rattlesnakes, wrestling gators, splashing with dolphins and finally, holding the most beautiful grandson a woman could lay eyes upon!

(Maybe only one of the above is true. I did take some awesome selfies, though!)

So, what the heck, Heather. Having too much fun to work on the road?

Er, no.

I've actually been employing my creativity. Just a little differently -- focusing on my fitness career, sharing health and wellness wherever I land-- from yoga in the desert to water fitness in the Blue Ridge Mountains all the while tenderly nurturing and finally birthing an online fitness studio for my fellow sojourners. (and anyone else who's interested. (Go ahead and click on the icon below.. it's free. Your consolation prize ;-)

AND, yes... I've been writing too!

Something new.

Something a tad different.

Something that might make you laugh.

Might make you cry.

Might make you scratch your head.

And since I'm rounding the final chapters and nearing the finish line, I thought I ought to crawl out of my she-shed and say howdy to my ever-so-patient peeps! (Dat's you!)

Stay tuned my friends.

Heather's haunts are on the horizon!

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